Saturday, April 29, 2017

Can you imagine that you really sketch the real warplanes?

It was an extraordinary experience to me to sketch the warplanes in the museum. Thank you Urban Sketchers Waterloo Region for organizing a sketching event at The Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum.
The staff are very knowledgable! They know everything about the planes. You can sit in the pilot seat for some planes. The museum is not very large but it has a lot of information and history about the war and these planes. I learnt a lot from this visit. You also can book a flight to let these planes take you up to sky. Most of these planes still works very well.

Thank you Nick for telling us so many things about these planes.

I always want to draw the real planes and I am so happy that I did it!!

Monday, January 30, 2017

Sketching in Tokyo

Japan is a special country. People are very polite. The streets are very clean. "Simple and caring" is my impression of Japan. We stopped over in Tokyo for few days on the way to Toronto. I met some Tokyo sketchers there and had a fun afternoon. It was a bit chilly but nothing affects a Torontonian, really. We met at Omotesando Station then we decided to stay in the Spiral building where is quite and neat. There are glass walls in the building with chairs facing the glasses. We sat there and looked outside. People were rushing on the streets, coming in and out from the restaurants and shops. 
The buildings on Aoyama Dori opposite to the Spiral Building
We sat there and looked outside

Thank you Kumi and everyone!

Our sketches from Spiral Building

Then we went to a shopping area near Harajuku (原宿). I used a water-soluble pen to draw the line and then fill with watercolour. I touched some lines to make them bleed. It was quite interesting. We were supposed to spend an hour on the street OUTSIDE. However, it became quite cold and we decided to find a coffee shop to stay after about half an hour staying.

Our works on the street outside! 
Look at us! With the hot drink in our hand, we chatted and shared our works. Yumi and Atsuko sketched us when we were talking. We shared everything! Edgar is a talented artist who uses red wine to paint. I enjoyed very much the whole afternoon. The weather was cold but the sketchers in Tokyo were so welcoming and warm! Thank you!

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Portraiture Exercise

It's fun to do the portraits but it's not easy. I have done the watercolour portraits but I want to study and explore more. Nothing you can do but practice, practice and practice!
I got a nice sketchbook and have decided to do the portraits everyday, hopefully!

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Urban Sketching @Gardiner Museum with Toronto Urban Sketchers

It is a 12 trees show in Gardiner Museum. The Toronto urban sketches group has an event here. I picked up the one piled up with books. When you get closer to the tree, it will speak. And other trees was made of men's shirts, The pattern is quite interesting. The trees are designed by different artists in different styles, very creative! 
The museum is located in a very convenient location near the subway. It's a small museum but very cozy and informative. You went to the second floor where they have different ceramics from different periods and different countries. 

Monday, September 19, 2016

Holbein Aqua Duo + Painting Project

Gardiner Expressway
It is one of the busiest highways in Toronto. When we drive on this highway, the highrises are around us. It reminds me when I was in HK. I put my car in the painting. Guess which one?

Today I went to a demo about water soluble oil paint and bought some of them. I always want to try this product. It's quite good, easy to control. I am going to paint a series of miniature paintings.


You can see them everywhere. They are very lucky to be in Canada. If they are in China, guess that they lied on a table to be a dish already. You cannot kill or hurt them here. If they cross the road, you must stop and let them cross.

Wilcox Lake
Old Firehall Confectionery

In the Library
Such a quiet moment for a nap. I sometimes need to stay in the Fairview Mall Library for about 2 hours. Sometimes I do sketches, sometimes I do research. Reading books will make me fall asleep, especially it's just after the lunch. I tried not to sleep hardly but I saw him. He was taking a nap. I want it too.
有時候我要在Fairview Mall圖書館等太約兩小時,這裡溫度適中,環境清靜,是午間小睡的好地方。有時我在這裡畫速寫,有時候則搜集資料。每次我盡量金睛火眼,不打瞌睡。可是看到他,好夢正甜,正在午睡,我也想眠一眠呢。

Day 3: Royal Ontario Museum
You will never forget this architecture once you saw it. It doesn't match the surrounding buildings. This is an expansion of the ROM. It is one of the largest museums in North America, the largest in Canada. The old part of the museum was Designed by Toronto architects Frank Darling and John A. Pearson, the architectural style of the original building is Italianate Neo-Romanesque, popular throughout North America until the 1870s. The new part was designed by Toronto architect Gene Kinoshita, with Mathers Haldenby, the curatorial centre forms the southern section of the museum in simple modernism and completed in 1984. When the new part was completed, some Torontonians didn't like it. I have found it was liked a crumpled paper dropped on the ground.

這是個你一見難忘的建築物, 因為它與附近的建築物格格不入。這是安省皇家博物館的擴建部份,在原本的博物館旁。這個館是北美最大的博物館之,在加拿大是最大的了。舊的部份是由多倫多兩位建築師Frank Darling 和John A. Pearson設計的,是1970年代北美流行的意大利新羅馬風格。新的部份是由另兩位多倫多建築師 Gene Kinoshita及 Mathers Haldenby所設計的,以簡單的現代現代主義風格,於1984年完成。當這所新的部份完成時,有些多倫多市民很不喜歡,認為形嚮了原本的和諧。而我覺得它就像一個弄皺的紙圑拋在地上。

Day 2: Kensington Market

You can see a range of colourful houses through the alley. My favourite colour is the one in the middle with teal. One of them put a canoe to the wall. Two walls of two building in the front and the shadows on the ground formed a natural frame for these houses.


Day 1: Kensington Market

這是一幢很搶眼的建築物, 紅色的外場, 地下正在擺賣, 太陽傘的反光剛好在深色的背景襯托出來。馬路與行人路的橫線在畫面上看來不太順眼,加了些陰影在地上,看起來好很多了。

Friday, September 16, 2016

Kensington Market

This was a DAVC paint out event. To do the paint out in Kensington Market is not easy, it's better not doing during the weekends. Friday morning is good, shops open and not so crowded. We were still able to find a spot and sat down . Alleys, corners of the streets and empty stores were perfect places for setting up our plein air equipment. I sat in front of an empty unit and sketched the opposite side of the street where the sunlight hit on.

Kensington Market is a multicultural neighbourhood in Downtown Toronto. You can find different kinds of buildings and subjects around the area to paint. Whether the people activities or buildings, everything is worth to be part of your works.